Derby instructor to run Ramathon in memory of his mother-in-law


THE son-in-law of a Derby woman who passed away of an unusual form of liver cancer is to run the Derby Ramathon to raise money for the charity that gave her hope in her last days.

And, after 2 years of injuries, Sean Hopkins thinks the half-marathon on Sunday will be a tough run. His partner’s mom, Sandie Winfield, died in December 2014, having been identified 6 weeks previously.

Sean, 28, said experts at the Royal Derby Hospital had offered his 65-year-old mother-in-law “no hope” so he and better half Lizzie, likewise 28, gotten in touch with specialist cancer charity AMMF.

It is the only charity in the UK devoted to assisting individuals like Mrs. Hopkins who have cholangiocarcinoma cancer, or cancer of the bile ducts of the liver.

Sean and Lizzie called AMMF to find out if they were aware on any possible treatment which individuals at Royal Derby Hospital were not.

2Sean stated: “The charity aimed to get a consultation for us through its links with Professor Juan Valle from The Christie Hospital in Manchester. He is a specialist in cancers of the biliary tract of the liver. That consultation was aimed at offering her other alternatives that hadn’t seemed possible prior to.

” At the time this offered all of us something we required. Hope. Regrettably, Sandie was too ill to travel to Manchester and passed away.”

Sean, a PE instructor at Noel-Baker School, stated he planned to run a total of 86 miles, via several different races. That is the same distance as Sandie would have needed to travel from Derby to Manchester.

He ran the Coventry Half Marathon after coming back from injury however hurt himself once again implying he could not run the Manchester Marathon and Derby 10k as planned. Now he will make up the distance through the Ramathon, the Stratford-based Shakespeare Half Marathon, Broxtowe-based Moorgreen Duathlon, the Derby 10-mile and the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham. Which suggests he’ll running even further than 86 miles “to make up for lost time”.

Sean, of Tregaron Close, Oakwood, couldn’t walk for 6 or 7 months from July 2014 as he had peroneal tendonitis, which triggers foot pain. On March 18, in 2012, he was injured again, dislocating and rupturing the ligaments of his ankle, playing a charity volleyball online game versus Noel-Baker’s Sixth Form for Sport Relief.

3He said he was assisted back to fitness by The Derbyshire Sporting Joint, a Pride Park-based sports injury center which is also a sponsor of the Ramathon.

He stated: “I am blessed that I can put myself through a grueling rehabilitation procedure with the assistance of others to aim to return on my feet and do exactly what I like, running, being active and handling sporting challenges. Many people are not so fortunate, and, for me, that includes my mother-in-law.”

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